12 home decor items under $100 to freshen up your space on a budget
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Sometimes you want to liven up your space but replacing furniture on a whim is a pricey, impractical option. That’s where quick home decor accents like lamps, curtains, or a new set of glasses can save the day.

We scoured the web for fresh, new pieces across various trendy sites that will have you feel good about your sanctum for under $100. From rustic candelabras to cozy velvet quilts, keep scrolling to see if any of these household items catch your fancy and inspire you to get creative with your home.

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FunSpace Greek / Roman Style Planter

Busts, especially in white or pastel shades, have been popular for centuries, but the new crop of trend pieces has the secondary purpose of holding flowers in a stylish, contemporary way. We love the way a dry arrangement has been placed in the photo example here, but fresh blooms are another fantastic way to bring life into any room.


Sweet Dreams Shell Night Light

This item is one I personally own, and it’s one of the prettiest home accessories I’ve picked up in years.

The mother-of-pearl, iridescent finish is hypnotizing, with undulating waves of color and light shifting as you move the swooth ceramic shell from side to side. The clever “pearl” inside is your light source, an flat-bottom LED ball powered by battery that gives off a warm glow when placed inside the open shell.

Even without the light, this makes a delightful dish in which to rest your jewelry, hair ties, or even soap, so you’re not beholden to one function only. It looks stunning sitting on your bedside table, credenza, or bathroom counter, so maybe consider snagging one for every room to carry the magic of the ocean throughout your home.

Apollo Box

Gisella Double Candle Holder

A candelabra is the perfect drama creator in any room, but some spaces call for an updated take on the atmospheric staple. This matte black resin version is highly architectural and perfectly suited to dress up any credenza or wall shelf where you might place it.

Lulu and Georgia

Mcmullen Metal Pot Planter

This planter is chic and modern, but it also looks kind of like a witch’s cauldron and that’s exactly the type of thing we like.


Velvet Tufted Stitch Quilt - Opalhouse™

This plush velvet quilt should easily cost twice as much, but Target wins our hearts again by practically giving it away for just $69. It’s the softest, most delectable way to dress up your bed this season.


Shoe Cleaning Hedgehog Doorstop

Having a fun, stylish house is all about unique touches that make it truly feel like home. This cute-as-a-button doorstop serves dual purposes by allowing you to brush the dirt off your shoes while also holding the door open, and guests will marvel at the novel piece that adds just a touch of joy when entering your home.

Design Within Reach

Cactus Cocktail Glassware

Having friends over for tacos and tequila? Try serving it up in these adorable hand-blown cactus glasses and the matching pitcher to liven up the party and start the conversation. Each glass is $32 and the pitcher clocks in at $95.

Uncommon Goods

Sussette Curtain

Home decor has really honed in on the joy of botanicals over the past few years, so why not extend that natural beauty to your window treatments? Lush navy and gold print curtains are a gorgeous focal point for any room without overpowering their surroundings, and a set of these beauties starts at just $58 depending on which size you require.


Apothecary Hand Wash by Frama

It’s indulgent (aka pricey) for a hand soap but you’ll really impress your guests when they lather up using these gorgeous, all-natural suds featuring a sandalwood, cedar, and ylang ylang fragrance profile to intoxicate the senses.


Flashcube Table Lamp

Simple yet bold, this Flashcube lamp will add warmth and illumination to any tabletop or nightstand. It’s ideal for anyone who enjoys a bit of industrial brutalism without going for a full-on chilly warehouse feel.


Distressed Gold Metal Compote Bowl - 5.5" Tall

While suggested for wedding centerpieces, we love this compote bowl for more everyday uses like holding dry bouquets (click through for example photo) or simply placing by the door as a catchall for your keys and other accessories. At this price, you can afford to buy two and create lavish arrangements for either side of a mantle, as well.


IDEA4WALL Framed Wall Art Print Set

These minimal MCM prints come already framed so all you need is a hammer and some nails to bring a fresh look to your walls. Stage together above a couch or fireplace and voila–instant chicness is yours.

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