I replaced my normal coffee with Dirtea's mushroom "superblend" for two weeks; Here's how it went

I replaced my normal coffee with Dirtea's mushroom "superblend" for two weeks; Here's how it went

I drank Dirtea mushroom beverages for two weeks; Here's how it went


As a lifelong lover of mushrooms in all their wondrous varieties, Dirtea was instantly appealing to me – even with its funny name. When they reached out to offer some review samples, I jumped at the chance to try it out.

The website lists dozens of health benefits associated with the minerals and properties of the tea, but I wanted to go into this mostly blind to get a feel for it without any expectations. It's also worth noting this isn't a sponsored post, so I'm not being paid to sell you on it!

The products arrived quickly in sustainable, eco-friendly packaging, which is an excellent way to tell me your company cares. I received two mushroom beverage mixes: a mushroom/coffee blend and mushroom cacao. Both came packaged in a style I like to call "millennial catnip," with beautifully muted colors and the clean typeface you see below, setting up the sipping experience to feel more luxe than my standard morning freeze-dried instant iced coffee.

Starting with the coffee: The scent was delicious upon opening, like a high-end blend of ground coffee but with a heavy hit of earthy goodness. Finely milled and powdery, I was afraid to use it cold at first but figured it was an experiment, so why not! It was actually very easy to dissolve in cool water, and the taste was like an elevated version of my usual with a bit more nuttiness. The earthen scent carried through nicely to the taste buds, too.

I went to work and got through a full inbox, a morning meeting, and setting up the rest of the day before I realized I hadn't been tempted by the distractions of the internet. I felt a very clear buzz set off by sharp clarity, and chalked it up to a first-time experience or possibly a placebo effect. It lasted well into midday when I usually re-up on my iced coffee supply, and this time I mixed it with half cheap instant crystals and half mushroom powder for a more familiar feel – bingo. The taste was comforting yet bold, and the caffeine jolt was strong without the jittery flutter I sometimes get with an afternoon cup.

Since the first couple of tries, I've returned to the half and half formula for both of my daily iced coffees, and I've experienced a stunning amount of focus compared to my normal routine. Things I've noticed:

–It feels easier to stay on task while juggling various projects

–I've even returned to semi-regular journaling and jotting down article and essay ideas in between writing the Wishlist content you read right here!

–Historically, these two weeks are the worst of the month for my mental health and I have not struggled with hormonal depression or anxiety the same way

Taking things back to the day one:

After wrapping up work and whipping up a nice dinner, I was craving some dessert and decided to try the cacao. It's recommended as a de-stressing ritual to perform before bedtime, and I can see why!

The smell is rich, with a touch of "dirt" in the organic nose of the raw cacao. This might not sound as pleasant as I mean it to, but trust me: It's good. It dissolved quickly in hot water with a bit of stirring, and I added a touch of almond milk and sweetener as recommended.

The resulting hot chocolate felt nourishing and relaxing without the overwhelming richness of something too sugary from a chain restaurant or package of Swiss Miss (no shade, though, I love you Swissy!). It took this beverage to fully understand the concept of the "ritual" behind Dirtea, and nearly every night since then, I've followed the same routine with more or less milk, no milk, and at varying temperatures, all to the same pleasantly drowsy effect.

The list-able effects are fewer, but I chalk that up to this being a pre-bedtime drink, and anything that gets me to sleep without a struggle is A+ in my book.

At two weeks into this Dirtea experiment, I feel like I'm a fully-onboard mushroom-lovin' convert. I expected too much of the mushroom flavor to poke through, but it absolutely did not and I'm confident you could serve this to even the most virulent fungi-hater. As a wellness skeptic at best, I love it when a product delivers on its promises, and the intended effect with each blend performed well beyond my expectations. The ritual of testing and tasting the products hot and cold, sweet, with milk, etc., became a fun game for me very quickly. And after two weeks of daily drinking, I still have well over half of each package to go.

If you're interested in foods and beverages that offer plenty of nutrients, antioxidants, and immune-boosting properties, or if you simply enjoy a great-tasting beverage, Dirtea is a perfect way to introduce your palette to something new. Read more below to find out the mixtures' benefits and head over to Dirtea to see which blend is right for you.

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Mushroom Coffee Super Blend


Mushroom Coffee Super Blend

Benefits beyond what I listed above:

–100% Arabica coffee sourced and curated in Central America

–1000mg of pure and potent mushrooms: Maca and Ashwagandha

–high levels of antioxidants

–great for the immune system

–contains Vitamin D, Potassium, Amino Acids, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium


Mushroom Cacao Super Blend


Mushroom Cacao Super Blend


–similar to the coffee, it strengthens the immune system

–great for liver health

–soothes stress and anxiety

–helps improve sleep quality

–enhances mood

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