Amazon’s best deals for today, August 9th

Amazon’s best deals for today, August 9th

In addition to our regular roundups of top picks and favorite items, we want to show you the best deals out there right now . Here are our favorite deals available on Amazon for a limited time only, so buy them now to save big before they’re gone!

Today’s deals are all about dog treats and pet odor and stain removers to help celebrate national Spoil Your Dog Day on August 10th. In addition to these limited time offers, check out our full piece that celebrates the day here .

Natural Bizarre Cow Ears for Dogs, 1.5 lb Rawhide Free Bargain Bag

This bag is chock full of truly bizarre treats, many of which are simply the castoffs of larger batches thanks to looking strange, being the wrong size, etc. That doesn’t mean they’re any less delicious, though, nor that your dogs won’t love them–they certainly will!

Save half when you buy today for just $19.99 and get over a pound of goodies for Fido or Fifi.

Natural Bizarre

Pawstruck Bully Stick Rings - Natural Bulk Dog Dental Treats & Healthy Chew, Best Thick Low-Odor Pizzle Stix, Free Range & Grass Fed Beef

Have a tough chewer on your hands? Treat them to these ultra-strong rings that taste great (or at least that’s what dogs say) and are chemical-free, healthy, and made by a small business.

Save 20% off regular price when you buy now.


Organic Nose & Paw Wax Balm for Dogs

Pups with dry, cracked noses will love this balm that helps sooth and heal their tender snouts so they can get back to nuzzling in no time. It’s made entirely of organic ingredients that’s natural and hypoallergenic, so apply liberally with the confidence that it will help them heal the healthy way.

This item’s also marked down 20% today for just $11.99 so stock up now and keep your pooch protected as summer winds down and we head into colder days.


No-Rinse Pet Shampoo

If your little angel hates, hates, hates baths like so many do, grab this no-rinse shampoo that helps them feel clean and refreshed without the hassle of wrangling them into the tub again. A gentle citrus scent helps remove and mask odors on contact, while natural, biodegradable, and cruelty-free ingredients are gentle on their skin.

Stock up now and you’ll save $3.19 on every bottle.

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