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6 best smokeless indoors grills to bring the picnic inside this winter

Cold weather doesn't have to stop you from enjoying your favorite charred meats
Cold weather doesn't have to stop you from enjoying your favorite charred meats
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Temperatures are dropping which means cooking outdoors is no picnic. You don't have to sacrifice the taste of your favorite charred meats and veggies, though, as plenty of smokeless indoor grills make it easier than ever to recreate those delicacies without stinking up the house.

We scoured the internet for the top-rated models from some of the biggest retailers, and below is a cross section of reviewers' favorites. Whether you're looking to impress guests with your flashy investment piece or snag a simple, affordable cooker, keep reading to see which grill fits your profile best.

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PowerXL Smokeless Grill Pro - Silver

You'll get a "virtually smokeless" experience with this grill – which is as good as any can offer, really–and a family size grilling surface that candle handle six burgers, four large steaks, or eight pieces of chicken for all your dinnertime charring needs.

This model is among the top-rated available from Target, and users praise the ease of cleaning most among its other convenient traits.

"I love it. I use it all the time. It's come in handy especially on weekends when I have to cook for myself," one five-star reviewer claims. The only downside is the substantial weight and size that makes it a bit difficult for smaller or less robust buyers when trying to move it around the kitchen.


George Foreman Select-a-Temp Smokeless Grill - GRV6090B

Touting its "user friendliness" and the genuine grill taste it leaves, reviewers love this unit that carries a well-known and longtime beloved name in indoor grilling: George Foreman.

Unlike the 1990s version every household bought in a rush to be on trend, this is an advanced Foreman that can handle quite a bit more grub but still has the sloped cooking surface for optimal fat removal. It's also very easy to spot wipe clean after use.

George Foreman

Tectake Nonstick Electric Indoor Smokeless Grill

16 by 11 inches of tabletop grill space can quickly convert to a griddle, so small kitchens will find this helpful in case of a brunch or pancake emergency. The 1000W heating element heats quickly and evenly, adjusting to five different settings in order to match your cooking needs.

Users seem especially keen on using the Tectake for Korean BBQ in lieu of dining out, citing the easy drip pan as the main convenience when whipping up marinated meats.

"I have cooked various vegetables, meats, and seafood on it. Nothing sticks and everything comes out full of flavor," claims one happy buyer who goes on to explain they were so satisfied they bought two more to give away as gifts. At just over $50, it's a great tool to give to those in your life who've been considering a machine like this.


Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

Hamilton Beach is a well-known and trusted name in the affordable kitchen tools game, so it comes as no surprise this model is one of Amazon's top-rated with over 6700 reviews averaging four and a half stars out of five.

This model is great for those looking to sear in the juices of their favorites meat, as it quickly heats ot 450 degrees for maximum sizzle. A handy window makes it simple to keep an eye on your food as it cooks, and the indoor grill hood, plate, and extra-large drip tray are easy to remove and clean–they're even dishwasher safe!

Hamilton Beach

Bella - Pro Series Indoor Smokeless Grill - Stainless Steel

If you're following the K.I.S.S. rule (keep it simple, silly), this is your best bet. 1500W of power steams things up quickly, and a large grill space accommodates dinner for you and a handful of guests as needed. The price is also the lowest you'll find here, and the only caveat we can seem to find is that foods cooks a little slower than with pricier models.


Kalorik Pro 1500-Electric Steakhouse Stainless Steel Indoor Grill

Here's the big daddy of the bunch for those who take their grilling very seriously.

Ceramic superheating elements can reach up to 1500 degrees in just minutes, which caramelizes the surface of your steak while adding a crispy, delicious crust to lock in all those juices. Save the drippings in the pan below to create savory sauces and stocks when you're done, or just use to toss away the excess fats that may drip off.

The double rack system provides 74 square inches of cooking space, but also just looks impressive for when you want to show off a little to friends. A thoughtful touch is adding a bottle opener to the handle that lets you crack open a beer for everyone while you're raking in the bragging rights.

Kalorik Pro
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