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10 best dog costumes to dress up your pooch for Halloween

10 best dog costumes to dress up your pooch for Halloween
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We brought you some of our favorite decor items for the Halloween already, but have you considered dressing up the special furry friend in your life for an even more entertaining celebration?

Whether you’re planning a festive walk around the block or just an Instagram photo shoot at home, you’ll have plenty of fun and laughs for days while dressing your favorite dog or cat in one of these irresistible and hilarious costumes.

For everyone from the sci-fi fanatic to the picky pup who can only handle a lightweight accessory, there’s something here for every pet owner and their Halloween celebration style.

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Dog Lion Mane

If you have a larger breed such as the much-beloved Golden Retriever, this is one of the most hysterical options you can find that will bring you a laugh any time of year; the older and lazier the hound in the mane, the better.

Luckily this is also an easy-to-wear option for persnickety dogs who hate feeling confined in a full costume. You simply slip the collar over their head and tighten the drawstring for a proper fit on any medium to large canine and try not to scare the neighbors.


Ewok Dog Costume - Star Wars

The Star Wars franchise has inspired one of the most loyal fandoms to date, so it tracks that lovers of the universe would jump at the chance to dress up their pooch as a super-precious Ewok for Halloween. Three standard sizes means a wide variety of dog body shapes will fit snugly in this hooded tan and brown costume, but reviewers note it is better size down if your four-legged trick or treater is between sizes.

Spirit Halloween

Pet Krewe Sesame Street Cookie Monster Dog & Cat Costume

This next option is simply absurd when it comes to being cute and snuggly. A blue fuzzy body suit and detached matching hood that look like the famous Sesame Street snacker comes in four sizes and is suitable for dogs and cats, plus it’s made from non-toxic polyester for a safe, warm time for your pet. While they may not leave it on for long, there are drawstrings on the hood so you can at least adjust it to fit for a quick snapshot.

Spirit Halloween

TY Beanie Baby Tag

Nostalgia will bite hard for millennials who used to hoard TY Beanie Babies in hopes of someday having the full collection and, as once falsely believed, a small fortune. Those velvety toys may be virtually valueless at this point, but they’re still quite adorable and your pet will be as well once you attach one of these goofy, oversized tags to their collar. The reviews rave about the surprisingly great quality, too, as the tags come on a heavyweight felt rather than cardboard that could break down with drool-prone wearers.

Oriental Cherry

Frisco Vampire Cape Dog & Cat Costume

Dracula is the undisputed king of Halloween, and your pet can imitate royalty with this lush satin cape that does justice to their shared toothy-ness with the bloodsucking legend. This is another great option for folks whose little ones can’t quite handle the restriction of a full costume.


Thrills & Chills Pet Halloween Monster Pet Costume

We may have called Dracula the king of Halloween, but plenty prefer Frankenstein in the classic monster lineup. This costume is obviously a bit more involved so patient pups will handle it better, but adjustable velcro straps are helpful in creating a snug fit.


‘80s Pop Star Halloween Dog and Cat Costume

There’s no way this wig is staying on longer than 30 seconds for even the most relaxed pets, but what a fun half-minute it will be! This ridiculous retro pop star look is a great way to relive some favorite dance floor memories and would be especially fun if you do a running theme for the whole family.


Devil Wings Cat Costume

For under $10, it’s hard to beat the cuteness factor of these simple yet sparkly devilish wings. They’re also quite easy to slip on your rascally little feline, as well as seemingly comfortable for them to wear as confirmed by a few reviewers including one who says, “My kitty looked so cute in these and she honestly didn’t seem to mind having them on!”


Spider Pup Pet Costume

Where do you even start with this one? Maybe the multiple eyes on the head piece, or the fluffy legs that dangle as your pet walks. Whether in fear or delight, every detail of this immaculate spider costume is enough to make anyone scream. Make sure you keep your costumed cur away from any serious arachnophobes.


Rasta Imposta Pet Costume Woopie Xl

If your pet is like so many others and can really stink up a room, this outlandish whoopie cushion costume is probably as fitting as it gets. This one goes up to 2X for your bigger breeds, so snatch one up and have Rover living his truth for Halloween and any other time of year when you need a good chuckle.

Rasta Imposta
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