Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum: Is it worth the $400 investment?

Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum: Is it worth the $400 investment?

I’ve never been keen on trying robot vacuums. They seem more expensive and complicated than I’m apt to fuss with, especially since I have three senior chihuahuas and two cats in my Brooklyn apartment.  Who knows what kind of unsightly messes it might track through?

Despite my hesitation, I decided to jump on it when Proscenic sent over an M7 Pro to review. 

The sturdy box arrived quickly. I tore into it to discover a modest number of loose parts packed neatly with a handy setup guide that made installing the water tank and scrubbers a snap. It took around 10 minutes from start to finish for everything to be locked into place, with plenty of extra cleaning cloths 

I was worried before its arrival that I’d signed up for a clunky, ugly appliance that would look garish among my “goth but make it grown-up” style of interior decor. I’m a little tightly wound when it comes to sticking to an aesthetic, so I was pleased by the M7 Pro’s sleek black build and unassuming size. It is surprisingly attractive and didn’t clash with my home, especially since I could hide the charging dock under a small table near the front door. 

Now for the bad news: As I continued set up, I downloaded the app and attempted to make a connection to the built-in WiFi on the vaccum. I failed to do so and was given several prompts which I followed, ultimately restarting and updating my phone, uninstalling and installing the app, and spending a significant amount of time trying to merge the two successfully to no avail. I’m waiting on a response from the help team, so hopefully I’ll be able to update this section with a more detailed solution to this technical issue soon. One Amazon review mentions a similar issue, but it seems rare as most folks have immediate success straight from the box so I don’t consider this a total loss, especially since I prefer the old-fashioned ease of a remote anyway, which, speaking of…

I placed the batteries (included!) into the slender remote and switched on the unit using the intuitive button system. A delightfully cheery voice alerted me to the selection I’d made–in this instance I was mopping–and away she went, gliding gracefully around my home office floor while the cats bounced about, trying to figure out their new roommate. 

The sensors on this until seem highly sensitive, meaning it won’t run over your toes or continuously bump into furniture to the point of causing damage. It made several rounds in and out of the four main rooms of my place, exploring the oft-ignored crevices under my couch and even tucking in under my bed for dust bunnies before returning to its origin. Each time it paused in a corner, I could tell it was mapping out its surroundings (even without the app to show me) to streamline the process next time around. 

One click of the remote sends the vacuum back to its charging station and the voice announced once again, “charging.” I glanced around and saw none of the previous paper scraps I’d left strewn about after a marathon gift wrapping session, nor any other larger bits of debris that might stand out to the naked eye. 

Checking the cleaning pad on the bottom, I realized the machine had picked up a bounty of insivible hair, dirt, and nameless impurities of pet origin I’d missed with an earlier mopping. I can’t judge the Proscenic’s effectiveness on carpet seeing as I have none, but color me impressed when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors both wet and dry. I can’t imagine it would do any worse when taking on a tufted landscape considering its thorough job here. 

Overall, I’d recommend the Proscenic for anyone who wants to supplement their existing deep cleaning routine or simply let it take on the main duties while you rest after a hard day.  It’s easy to set up, easy on the eyes as far as an appliance can be, and it will bring a lot of laughs to your household if you also have curious and jumpy pets. Aside from the app issues, everything from shipping to unboxing was a breeze, and I’m happy to have added the Proscenic M7 Pro to my arsenal of stay-clean tools. 

Proscenic M7 Pro


–Easy setup

–Attractive, sleek appearance

–Discreet charging dock, can be set up out of sight


–Difficult with app setup for some

–A bit pricey compared to similar models

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