5 best electric scooters for adults to shorten your travel time

5 best electric scooters for adults to shorten your travel time
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Electric scooters aren’t just a plaything for children, they’re also a useful tool for buzzing around town when you’ve got errands to run and little time to dedicate. Whether it’s mailing out packages or making a small grocery run at a store just out of convenient walking distance, they’re a great way to shave valuable minutes off your commute and homeward return.

The following options are some of the top-rated on the market, as determined by reviews and sales on Amazon and Razor predictably appears for those who don’t want to drop a load of cash, and options only go up in cost and usefulness from there via brands like Segway and Winkine. Keep scrolling to see which scooter you might be able to incorporate into your commute.

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Razor UB1 - Urban Electric Seated Mobility Scooter, Powered Ride-on

The top-rated model on Walmart’s website naturally comes from the household name in scooters, Razor. With a max speed of 13.5mpg and a sleek, compact design that lets you speed down the street in style, the UB1 comes with flatfree, airless tires and can take you nine miles before it needs a charge, making shorter errands around a cityscape breezy and fun. It weighs just 25lbs, so carrying on and off the bus or subway is easily managed for quick transport across longer distances.


Razor E300 24-Volt Electric Powered Scooter White

Another best seller from Razor is the E300, which comes in a snappy blue and white color pattern or a more muted dark gray. This one goes a little faster, up to 15mph, and has a slightly longer range with 40 minutes of continuous use or 10 miles being the max. 10-inch pneumatic tires make it great for off-road riding, too, in case you’re cruising through any parks or woods. A super-sized deck makes it ideal for older riders, as does the 250-watt, high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor.


Bird ES1-300 Electric Scooter-300 Watt Motor

We keep inching up every so slightly in terms of mph, so this Bird model topping out at 15.5 is the perfect next choice. To keep things simple, it also has a range of 15.5 miles on a single charge and other features such as “anti-lock braking, front LED lights, taillight and under-glow lights” combined with durable tires and attractive, boldly minimal design add to this machine’s appeal.


Segway Ninebot E22 Electric Kick Scooter

Segway is a pioneering company in the realm of human transport, and their luxury scooters made for adults reflect that ingenuity well. This one clocks in at 12.4 mph and can travel 13.7 miles before needing a boost, so this is for the traveler with places to go and little time to worry about running out of battery life. Most reviews on Amazon’s listing are positive and recommend the splurge, with one commenting: “What at Fantastic product!! It's sturdy and feels safe. It's easy to maneuver and ride. It comes pretty much put together. All you need to do is charge it and ride it!"


Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter

The Ninebot S markets itself on safety and convenience, and the reviewers largely agree.

"Just WOW! I should have bought one of these a long time ago," says one happy buyer, adding, "Looks great, easy to assemble out of the box and the tutorial on the Segway app made it a breeze to learn how to operate."

It weighs just 28 pounds but can hold up to 220, and a fully charged batter will get you nearly 14 miles of riding time so long as you're not maxing out on speed the whole way. The app offers plenty of bonuses too, such as anti-theft function, speed limit and adjustment, vehicle self-diagnose, firmware upgrade, ambient light, vehicle remote control and more.

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