10 unlikely towns named as the country's best property hotspots

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While house prices in London seem to be increasing at an eye-watering rate, some unlikely towns have been named as the country's real property 'hotspots'.

According to a new study from Lloyds Bank, based on Land Registry data for England and Wales, these are the 10 towns to have seen the biggest year-on-year increase in number of sales...

1. Daventry, East Midlands - 56%

2. Alfreton, East Midlands - 53%

3. Pudsey, Yorkshire and the Humber - 51%

4. Sutton-in-Ashfield, East Midlands - 50%

5. Selby, Yorkshire and the Humber - 48%

6. Corby, East Midlands - 47%

7. Margate, South East (pictured above) - 46%

8. Slough, South East - 45%

9. Wickford, South East - 44%

10. Clacton-on-Sea, South East - 44%

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