Jeremy Corbyn said 'The real fight starts now' and everyone is making the same joke

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The House of Commons voted through the government’s Brexit Bill with an overwhelming majority this week, despite many MPs opposing it on a personal levlel.

The bill is now out of the hands of MPs and off to the House of Lords, where it will go straight into law if there are no changes made.

And, almost as if he’d forgotten the entire campaign leading up to the referendum, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said the 'real fight starts now'.

It starts now?

The bill has been voted through, it includes plans to leave the single market, and further changes to it are out of MPs’ hands.

We ask again, It starts now?

He tweeted:

Real fight starts now. Over next two years Labour will use every opportunity to ensure Brexit protects jobs, living standards & the economy.


Some people weren't happy:




Others took the opportunity to mock Corbyn:







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