This man wore a suit to meet his new nephew because ‘first impressions matter’

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Picture: @Iris_Elizabeth/Twitter

Iris Kessler tweeted this (amazing) picture of her brother, as he attended an Ohio hospital to meet his new nephew.

According to Kessler, her brother had dressed up for the occasion because "first impressions matter".


The sweet story has been shared over 129,000 times, and liked by more than 400,000.

Apparently, his suit up paid off too:

Instant mutual respect for looking sharp.

Some even identified a "Yes, fam" response from baby.


Bonus round: 

Instead of a man in a suit holding a baby. Why not have a baby in a suit. 

First impressions are ever-so-important.

My mom asked me for a "formal picture" of my one month old baby, I sent her this one


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