Quiz: Can we guess which Premier League football team you support?

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The football season is back (hurrah!). Using our very scientific* quiz below, can we guess which Premier League team you support? Or maybe the one you should support and have just been fooling yourself for all these years...

Let us know your answer in the comments section.

*A note on methodology: We used the YouGov Profiler, which compares the characteristics of a group of people compared to the rest of the population. For the questions given, supporters of each particular club were more likely to show one characteristic than the others. E.g. Fans of John Bishop are more likely to be Liverpool supporters, and lovers of roast potatoes are more likely to be Tottenham fans compared to the rest of the population. We used the eight football clubs with the most supporters on the YouGov profiler, but replaced West Ham (8th) with Aston Villa (9th) because we already had three other London clubs. Sorry Hammers fans.

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