The 'most Tory' club in the Premier League might surprise you

Louis Dor
Sunday 09 August 2015 13:50

Before the end of the football season (and the general election), it dawned on us that Chelsea were the only top flight club to have their ground in a Conservative constituency.

The Premier League champions don't just wear blue - the area around Stamford Bridge is one of the safest Tory seats in the country, and Sir John Major and George Osborne are both supporters.

New research by YouGov (and an analysis by, um, us) puts Chelsea's claim to be the most Tory club in Premier League in doubt, however.

We actually surmise that dubious honour to be bestowed upon... Aston Villa! Yes, David Cameron's 'favourite' club is proportionally favoured by more Tory supporters, when compared to supporters of other political parties, than any other club*, at 150 per cent the national average.

Chelsea don't get off lightly, however, as they are along with West Ham the 'most Ukip' club at 167 per cent the national average, while we award the title of most Labour and most Lib Dem club to Everton (250 per cent the national average) and Sunderland (200 per cent the national average) respectively .

Overall, Tories were found to be the second most interested in football (42 per cent), behind Labour voters (47 per cent), but ahead of Ukip (39 per cent) and Lib Dems (33 per cent).

Back of the net.

YouGov surveyed 1,972 British adults on the eve of the new Premier League season. 772 of them said they were either very or fairly interested in football, from which the above conclusions are drawn.

*Bournemouth technically had the highest proportion of Tory supporters, but we discounted any club that on average only had one per cent of support from the sample size of 772 (Norwich, Crystal Palace, Bournemouth, Leicester, Watford, Southampton, Stoke, Swansea and West Brom).

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