The 20 things people worry about the most

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This is what happens when you ask 2,000 people what they are most worried about.

The same survey also found 42 per cent of people are unhappy with their lives.

20. Worried about the area I live in/ crime levels

19. Pet's health

18. If my dress sense is good

17. Meeting work targets or goals

16. Whether I'm a good parent/ raising kids right

15. A friend or family member I've fallen out with

14. Whether I'll find the right partner/ whether my current partner is right

13. Whether my partner still loves me

12. Whether or not I am attractive

11. I need to find a new job

10. I seem to be generally unhappy

9. Paying rent/mortgage

8. Worried about my physique

7. Wrinkles or ageing appearance

6. Job security

5. Financial/credit card debts

4. My diet

3. Low energy levels

2. Worried about my savings/ financial future

1. Getting old in general


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Note about the methodology: The 2,000 people surveyed were given a list of 30 common worries and asked to choose as many as applied to them. 'Getting old' was the most-commonly selected option.

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