This non-disabled man decided to park in a disabled space. Big mistake

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Disabled parking spaces are there for a reason, and one guy in Brazil who forgot that has been served a pretty generous slice of karma.

When residents of Maringa spotted someone selfishly taking up a parking bay reserved for people with mobility problems, internet pranksters Boom decided to help them cover his car in thousands of blue sticky notes to make up the universal symbol for disabled facilities, complete with white outlines of a stick figure sat in a wheelchair.

The man tried to drive away before he realised he had to remove quite a few of the post-its to be able to leave safely. He's surrounded the whole time by locals who laugh and holler.

People of Maringa, we salute you. We just have one question: how did you find so many blue post-it notes?!

Get your daily dose of schadenfreude watching the video here:


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