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Ben Shapiro was asked if he thinks gay people 'become gay' and his answer was odd

Ben Shapiro was asked if he thinks gay people 'become gay' and his answer was odd
Ben Shapiro doesn't believe gay people are born homosexual

It comes as no surprise that right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro isn’t convinced sexuality is biologically determined.

On Wednesday, Shapiro, 30, joined Piers Morgan on Piers Morgan Uncensored to discuss a plethora of issues from LGBTQ+ rights to toxic masculinity and cancel culture.

Given his controversial views on gay rights, Morgan asked Shapiro if he thought it was “fair” to exclude gay couples from the same rights or benefits to marriage or parenting as straight couples.

But as Shapiro began explaining his position, Morgan interrupted to ask Shapiro a question that is fundamental to the argument.

“You don’t think gay people become gay, presumably, right?” Morgan asked.

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Shapiro responded, “I think that the notion that everyone who is gay was always gay from the time that they were born, I don’t think the data backs that.”

TheDaily Wire founder then cited “rising levels” of people identifying “in a particular way” in society as an example of homosexuality being determined after birth.

For most of US history, people who identified with a sexual orientation other than heterosexuality have been discriminated against both by society and the government.

Gay marriage was only legalised on a federal level in 2015.

The “rising levels” of people identifying as something other than heterosexual Shapiro was referring to may just be the increasing number of people willing to disclose their sexual orientation.

Morgan told Shapiro he “absolutely believes” that the “Majority of gay people, male or female, are born gay.”

He added, “I’m just not sure how it’s fair or equitable to deny them the same rights to their relationship status or parenting that you would give to straight people.”

Shapiro argued that homosexual couples do not deserve government benefits because they cannot create a child together the same way a heterosexual couple can.

Morgan proceeded to ask Shapiro what he would do if one of his children came out as gay.

Shapiro indicated he would not approve because his religion does not “sanctify” a marriage between a same-sex couple.

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