Taylor Swift fans think these 1975 songs are about her

Taylor Swift fans think these 1975 songs are about her

Taylor Swift fans think these 1975 songs are about her

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Since the release of Taylor Swift's 11th studio album The Tortured Poets Department, fans have been speculating on the stories behind the song, mainly: who are they about?

Swift's split with ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn in April 2023 leading many to speculate the entirety of the album was going to focus on their six-year relationship, but after Swift's short, unconfirmed, romance with The 1975 lead Matty Healy, many believe a good chunk of the album is about him.

As a result, Swifties have been cross-referencing Swift's songs with The 1975's to figure out who's writing about who. And now fans think a lot of The 1975's discography were about Swift all along.

About You

Perhaps the most believed theory is that The 1975's 'About You' is about Swift, why? During a concert in May 2023, Healy mouthed the words, "This is about you, you know who you are. I love you," whilst performing the song.

Then, a few days later, Swift mouthed the exact same words.

Plus, some are also drawing visual parallels between the music video for her song 'Fortnight' to the video for 'About You'. Mainly the black and white colour scheme, scenes of people working in a lab, as well as certain cinematic shots.

Remember, in the Taylor Swift fandom everything is intentional, coincidences don't exist.

A Change of Heart

One of the older songs in The 1975's catalogue - 2016's 'A Change of Heart' - is now believed to have been inspired, at least partly, by Swift.

That's right, the song which brutally describes losing feelings for your partner may have been about Swift all along.

A source told Page Six in February 2016, "She may have inspired some of it." They added that track was ultimately "about more than one girl."

She's American

The 1975's song 'She's American' from their second album is also rumoured to have been inspired by Swift, although the main connection seems to be that Taylor Swift is American whilst Healy and the rest of the band are British. Perhaps too obvious of a connection, but fans became more convinced when Healy performed the song in May 2023, whilst the pair were rumoured to be dating.


The link here is quite ambiguous, but some fans have made a link between The 1975's 'fallingforyou' and Swift's 'Imgonnagetyouback'.

The theory basically starts and ends at the stylisation of the track titles. The similarity of the words being merged into one thinks Healy wrote 'fallingforyou' about Swift and now Swift is nodding to her relationship with Healy by copying his style.

Then Because She Goes

TikTok user @_alyssayung_ pointed out that the song 'Then Because She Goes' could be a reference to Swift, after she noticed heavy parallels between the track and Swift's 'Guilty as Sin'.

The very first line, "you are mine, I've been drowning in you," from 'Then Because She Goes' links to the line 'What if he's written 'mine' on my upper thigh only in my mind', has lead some to speculate the two tracks are about each other.

If that's not convinced you, the first line in 'Guilty as Sin' is "Drowning' in the Blue Nile", with Healy previously calling the band The Blue Nile his favourite band of all time.

Of course, this is all speculation, with neither Swift nor Healy confirming any of their songs to be about each other. But some of these connections are very convincing.

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