People think this 'feel good' story about an 89-year-old delivery driver is actually very upsetting

An 89-year-old man who delivers pizzas recently went viral on Twitter after he was surprised with a $12,000 crowdfunded tip – but not everyone thinks this is a feel-good story.

Derlin Newey, from Utah, couldn’t afford his bills with Social Security alone so he took a job with Papa John’s pizza. He started working 30 hours a week to make ends meet.

Carlos Valdez, a frequent customer of Papa John's, began posting TikTok videos of Newey delivering pizzas.

Valdez and his followers were upset to see an octogenarian still working so they went about crowdfunding a big tip to help him out.

They managed to get together $12,000 for Newey.

But while some people framed this as a feel-good story, many felt like it’s a bleak display of a broken system.

One angry tweeter even went about fixing headlines.

Others thought it said something about the state of capitalism.

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