A 'Christian' said something disgusting about Taylor Swift and no one knows what to say

In the last WTF moment produced by the internet, a self-described wife and Christian tweeted a photo of a ham sandwich to illustrate a point about Taylor Swift.

Because the world isn't messed up enough, Twitter user "Jennifer Mayers" in Louisiana held up two sandwiches as an allegory for Christian teachings.

The sandwiches were meant to represent her daughters' vagina and Taylor Swift's vagina. Because that's just a thing people tweet about now.

How is this real? And just why?

Let's definitely not entertain the idea that chastity (assuming that's what this freaky metaphor means) can be determined by the shape and presentation of one's Va-Jay-jay. They came in all shapes and sizes. But not ham sandwich shape and size.

Mayers has been pretty pleased with herself throughout this. On her Twitter profile, the pinned tweet links to her blog jennifermayerswordpress.com which goes into more detail. Mayers cites her own previous post: "Taylor Swift: Role model or Prositute" because women in the media are definitely all whores, and no man has ever become famous due to his good looks. None of them ever.

Mayers explains:

Let me be clear. I am NOT shaming Taylor Swift. She is shaming herself. She is a role model...she is flaunting her sexual escapades with all of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities and is now moved on to some even below that. Her conquests could fill a small stadium or certainly a barn at this point.

So this would be less bad if it was only A-listers?

I do not know Taylor personally or how she was raised but I can only assume her mother is embarrassed to see her daughter throw herself at any male who will take her.

No, you don't know her personally. And we to hope to god your account is a parody one.

The world may as well give up.

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