A Christian woman gave £1000 to this Muslim family after their shop was attacked

A Christian woman gave £1000 to this Muslim family after their shop was attacked

Earlier this month 58-year-old Mohammed Riaz was attacked in Bradford by three people in his butcher's shop, Meat Hut.

The three assailants - one of whom was charged with robbery - caused him extensive harm, and he spent time in hospital with injuries. Five of his teeth have been left so loose they will be removed, and he suffered a bruised face and back as some of the equipment in his shop fell on top of him.

The shop was damaged as well, and it had all happened on the eve of Eid celebrations.

While there has been a rise in Islamophobic attacks and a worsening climate of xenophobia since the Brexit vote last month, some people have shown incredible solidarity.

One woman, who the family named only as "Jane", posted this letter to the family

Dear Mr Riaz,
I was so sorry to read in The Telegraph & Argus of the attack on your shop. I am a Christian, and Jesus Christ taught that when we see someone in trouble we should not walk by without helping.

Enclosed was a cheque for £1,000

Picture: Nafeesa Riaz

Kanees Riaz, Mohammed's wife, told indy100:

We were astonished - we were in tears because of this woman's kindness - she doesn't even live in the area. This shows that in the end race and religion doesn't matter. It doesn't matter at all.

Following the assault, the community also rallied together and raised £500 in less than 24 hours

Lots of love from all the community.

Picture: Nafeesa Riaz

Nafeesa Riaz, Mohammed's daughter, told indy100:

We're all still traumatised but the community and people from all over have shown huge support which has helped us immensely. We had people from all ages and ethnicities. We can never thank everyone enough for what they have done.

Picture: Nafeesa Riaz

It has been a really emotional and stressful time for us all but the love and concern we received was astounding.

The family was showered by flowers and visits from strangers all around the area expressing their support

Picture: Nafeesa Riaz

Picture: Nafeesa Riaz

Mr Riaz is currently in recovery.

Jane's letter is a testament to tolerance and a prevailing compassion.

Mrs Riaz said:

We would not have made it through this difficult time without [her and the community].

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