A public health campaign in Canada is asking people 'Are you getting enough D?'

Some parts of Canada's Yukon Territory get less than seven hours of sunlight a day in the winter months and the average January temperature is -21°C, which is a pretty depressing state of affairs.

That makes it hard for residents to get enough Vitamin D, which our body makes from the UV light in sunshine, and helps the body build strong bones and teeth.

Yukon Health and Social Services had the brilliant idea to remind people that they might need supplements with a campaign that reads:

We all need the D. Even me!
How do you do the D?

Mothers, babies, older and younger women, apparently. They all need the D:

Yukon Territory is also worried that milk and fish might not be enough D for you.

Need a little help... with your daily D?

Even people in their 30s need the D! And dogs!

Sadly, the local government appears to have belatedly realised that 'D' can mean something else... As the Urban Dictionary explains:

The original ads now appear to have been replaced with ones which read 'Did you take your vitamin D today?'

Regardless, we hope you've taken the message on board.

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