Mother gets cropped out of family photo, has furious response

Abeera Tariq/Twitter

Abeera Tariq and her family all attended her cousin's wedding recently. They posed for "hundreds" of photos.

But because the 18-year-old, from Maryland in the US, didn't manage to get one with just her two brothers, she chose to crop a larger one that included her mother.

Big mistake.

Noreen, Abeera's mother, wasn't happy when she saw the cropped photo uploaded to Facebook.

She sent Abeera a text message demanding to know why she'd been cut:

Picture:Picture: Abeera Tariq/Twitter

"Why u crop me out stupid idiot," she implored. "U all here in this world because of me. Post picture again don't crop me out."

She added in Urdu, roughly translated to English, "no manners", "ungrateful children" and "give birth to them with such difficulty and they just crop you out".

Abeera has explained that her mother wasn't quite as furious as the text message suggested but she did feel bad to have cropped her out.

She told BuzzFeedthat they spoke on the phone about it shortly afterwards and had a good laugh, adding that she ended up swapping the photo back.

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