Adele says what everyone’s thinking as she gives her views on Matt Hancock’s affair

Adele says what everyone’s thinking as she gives her views on Matt Hancock’s affair

Adele is known for being candid with her opinions (which we love her for), and her new interview with Vogue Magazine was no different.

The singer seemed keen to talk about anything and everything, as proved when the topic of former health minister Matt Hancock and his well-publicised affair with aide Gina Coladangelo came up.

The scandal eventually caused Hancock to resign after CCTV footage emerged from his office which captured the pair kissing, meaning they technically broke Covid guidelines.

The Someone Like You singer seemed to summarise what everyone was thinking when she branded the former health minister a “dirty sod” for his antics.

According to the magazine, she made the comments while “in full Peggy Mitchell mode” (the beloved landlady from EastEnders). After realising what she said, she apparently looked “briefly panicked”, before “shrugging” it off.

Adele featured on the cover of both the UK and US editions of the magazine.

It is the first collaboration of its kind in Vogue’s 129-year history, with each edition of the magazine featuring a different fashion shoot and interview.

Some of the other topics discussed in her interviews included her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki, her work with the Grenfell United campaign group, the death of her father, and her weight loss.

And Hancock wasn’t the only person she had some strong words for after. The singer also revealed that she shouted “suck my d***” in a museum after being asked about her “revenge body.”

Adele recently announced her comeback single Easy On Me, which will be released October 15, and she’s also confirmed an album is well on the way too.

It marks the end of Adele’s six-year break since she last released music back in 2015 with her album 25.

Fans have also speculated the new album will be called 30 after dozens of billboards with this number were projected onto famous landmarks around the world, namely France, Italy, Dubai, Germany, Ireland, the US, (and of course) the UK, with “#Adele30” trending on Twitter.

“I feel like this album is self-destruction,” she told British Vogue. “Then self-reflection and then sort of self-redemption. But I feel ready. I really want people to hear my side of the story this time.”

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