Adolf Hitler once said he wanted to 'Make Germany Great Again'

Adolf Hitler once said he wanted to 'Make Germany Great Again'

Not a minute passes by without hearing or seeing the phrase ‘alt-right’ as Trump goes about his business and appoints some very questionable men to his cabinet.

In response, there have been calls to call it Nazism and not sugar-coat extreme views as 'alt-right'.

And now, an article from 1934 has resurfaced that can only adding more fuel to the comparisons between Trump's populist rhetoric and that of Hitler.

Trump’s slogan throughout his campaign was 'Make America Great Again'. The 1934 article’s author explains that Hitler promised to make Germany great again, too.

And in its desciption of the rise of Hitler, the article states that people initially saw Hitler as a joke, as many do with Trump.

The article, published in the Green Bay Press-Gazette, states:

People laughed at him, and thought he was of little importance.

He told people that he would make Germany great again. He blamed Jews, Socialists, Communists, and others for the troubles of the land. His blazing speeches gained followers for his “cause.”

And again, in 1940, the St Louis Star and Times included a speech Hitler made, where he said:

Nationalism and Socialism had to be redefined and they had to be blended into one strong new idea to carry new strength which would make Germany great again.

Scary stuff.

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