Alan Partridge's commentary on the King's Coronation is 'perfection'

Alan Partridge's commentary on the King's Coronation is 'perfection'
Alan Partridge commentates on the King's Coronation

It's been more than a month since King Charles III was coronated as the new monarch of the United Kingdom and it has taken a while but we now finally know what Alan Partridge's commentary of the entire thing would have sounded like.

Spoilers: It won't shock anyone to know that Alan absolutely loved it.

It comes via the latest season of From The Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast which has delivered a free teaser trailer for the new third season of the series.

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For comedic effect, Alan is doing the commentary from his own kitchen rather than London as he was denied the privilege of covering the event by the BBC.

Particular highlights include Alan's fondness for Penny Mordaunt, his football-like commentary for Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and his various calls to other rooms in his for sausages.

You can listen to the full audio in the video below.

Alan Partridge's coronation commentary | From The Oasthouse with Alan Partridgeyoutu.be

Even better yet, you can listen to the commentary with the actual visuals from the day.

Needless to say Partridge fans are loving it. "This is perfection," wrote one person.

Another added: "I found it hilarious already but now it's another level."

A third wrote: "The BBC should have red-buttoned this on the day in question."

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