Alison Hammond had the perfect response to Cliff Richard 'fat shaming'

Alison Hammond responds to Cliff Richard ‘fat-shaming’ Elvis on This Morning
This Morning, ITV

Alison Hammond had the perfect response after Cliff Richard fat-shamed another celebrity on This Morning .

Fatphobia and fat shaming are unfortunately common, but people are becoming better at calling it out when they see it .

On ITV’s daytime breakfast programme This Morning , presenter Hammond was forced to call out fat-shaming comments made by Richard live on air during an anecdote about fellow singer Elvis Presley.

The awkward moment came when Richard explained he had the opportunity to meet and have a picture taken with the iconic rock and roll performer shortly before he died. Richard explained he declined the photo because Elvis had “put on a lot of weight”.

Richard continued: “I thought, ‘if I’m having a photograph taken with [Elvis] and it’s going to be hanging on my refrigerator, he’s got to look good’. And I put it off and, of course, then he died.”

Hammond clapped back instantly, saying: “You should never have put it off just because they’re a little bit heavier.”

Failing to read the room, Richard then explained to viewers that they should take the chance to meet people they are a fan of, “even if they’ve put on weight”.

“Is that why you don’t want me at your house?” Hammond followed up before quickly moving the conversation on.

Hammond has previously been open about her weight struggles and was widely praised for not letting Richard’s comments go unnoticed.

“Well done @AlisonHammond. Fat shaming is not to be promoted #ThisMorning,” one viewer wrote.

Another said: “Cliff Richard fat-shaming Elvis on @thismorning with no shame even when put in his place (far too politely) by the Goddess @AlisonHammond. YUK.”

“How rude was Cliff Richard on #ThisMorning today - he said it comes easy to him to be nice, then in the next breath said he didn't want a photo with Elvis because Elvis had put on weight.

“Glad Alison Hammond was there to embarrass him. I've gone off Cliff now, shallow t***,” said another person.

Another argued : “The only positive thing about that interaction was how deftly Alison Hammond dealt with it.”

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