Amber Heard will reportedly be releasing a tell-all book about her life
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A popular YouTuber has been slammed for allegedly profiting from the widely publicised Amber Heard and Johnny Deppdefamation trial.

Matthew Lewis, better known as That Umbrella Guy online, is famed for his candid, no-filter approach to celebrity gossip. YouTube titles such as 'Jury wrecks Amber Heard', 'Amber Heard wrecks herself?' and 'Amber Heard fails worldwide' has garnered tens of thousands of views across the platform, attracting almost 96 million viewers in total.

According to Newsweek, they "clarified that the current estimated figure is up to $64,600 a month."

Lewis subtweeted the article, along with the tweet: "LOL, I could probably buy Amber Heard and her simps a dozen times over these days. And I wouldn't have to "pledge" to do it."

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That Umbrella Guy/YouTube

But now, Lewis and his channel have been slammed by Bot Sentinel CEO Christopher Bouzy claims that he "has a financial incentive to keep the Depp v. Heard drama going as long as possible."

Bouzy said: "This is Matthew. Matthew earns approximately $1 million a year producing low-budget YouTube videos about Amber Heard. Imagine earning $80k a month publishing low-budget ramblef***ery. He has a financial incentive to keep the Depp v. Heard drama going as long as possible..."

He also took to Twitter with one of Lewis' clips that claimed Amber Heard was "attacking" his channel.

Bouzy said: "Bullies who play the victim annoy me. Matthew has a channel dedicated to attacking one woman, but he is begging for help... 'Now!'"

Eve Barlow, a friend of Heard's, later backed up Bouzy's take.

She called That Umbrella Guy a "so-called YouTube journo" and claimed he was "obsessively posting videos about Amber, her family and friends, including me."

That Umbrella Guy has since received an influx of support from his subscribers and Twitter fans.

He has since had 'TUGSTITS' trending across the platform in response to the backlash.

"Haha, hilarious. Let's keep this trending," one user penned, while another reiterated: "HELL YEAH! HAIL #TUGSTITS"

A third added: "To help support the victims of Johnny's chief twitterer @ThatUmbrella, Amber's followers have included TUG into the #PRIDE2022 celebration by transitioning his pic into a picturesque female #TugsTits".

Indy100 has reached out to Matthew Lewis for comment.

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