Awkward moment Andy Cohen forgets he's met Meghan Markle ... twice

Awkward moment Andy Cohen forgets he's met Meghan Markle ... twice
Awkward moment Andy Cohen forgets the two times he met Meghan Markle

It happens to the best of us, you introduce yourself to someone you think you're meeting for the first time only to be informed, you've met before.

The awkward moment happens to everyone, including Meghan Markle and Andy Cohen.

Cohen, 54, sat down with Meghan, 41, on her podcast Archetypes to speak about the way men perceive the archetypes of women and manhood.

At the top of the conversation, Cohen opened with, "nice to meet you" only to have Meghan return with a "good to see you".

"I've met you before," Markle said, later adding, "twice."

The moment was met with giggles from Meghan and gasps from Cohen.

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"You're kidding," Cohen said shocked. "Oh God, this is going to ruin my day."

The Duchess of Sussex explained that before Suits aired on television, the two met at a joint event for their television networks. Meghan said she approached Cohen at the event because she was "such a huge fan" of him and The RealHousewives franchise.

"You did that thing where your eyebrows went up and I was just gushing and you said 'uh huh'," Meghan explained laughing.

Cohen let out an embarrassed, "Oh God".

"It's ok, that's fine, that's fine I was still a huge, huge, fan," Meghan explained.

The second time the two met was in New York while filming season "two or three" of Suits.

Meghan also revealed that she eagerly tried to get on Cohen's show Watch What Happens Live but "just couldn't get booked."

Cohen, clearly embarrassed that his show snubbed the future Duchess of Sussex said he and his team "put it together" that Meghan was a Housewives fan and wanted to get on the show.

"It is now the biggest blunder in the 13 years of this show," Cohen said.

Luckily Cohen had the opportunity to make up for the "blunder" by being a featured guest on Meghan's episode.

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