Ant and Dec’s new gameshow Limitless Win has left people ‘bamboozled’ about the rules

Ant and Dec’s new gameshow Limitless Win has left people ‘bamboozled’ about the rules

ITV’s new quiz Limitless Win launched on Saturday night, helmed by popular TV presenters Ant and Dec – but it wasn’t just the fiendish questions which were leaving viewers scratching their heads.

The show claims to have the “world’s first limitless jackpot”, meaning there’s no limit to how much money a team could walk away with if a pair adopt a winning strategy.

“If you played this game right, you could win millions upon millions of pounds,” Ant said.

Invited on in groups of two, contestants are asked questions where all of the answers are numbers – figures which can help them climb up steps on the money ladder to reach a cash milestone.

While placing an answer which is too high means its game over for a team, one which is too low means contestants lose a life for every step they’re behind.

Lives are built up in a quickfire round at the start of the game, where each right answer is worth five lives.

If they get an exact answer when taking on the money ladder, they can also receive an extra five lives to help them progress. They may also find a lifeline as they progress up the unlimited money scale.

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However, for some on Twitter, the rules of the game were a little hard to wrap their heads around:

Others claimed that the first pair to take part, NHS workers Will and Kate, appeared unenthused by the fact they had cashed out with £500,000, with some alleging the couple were “actors”:

Meanwhile, there were a few watching who were nostalgic for some great gameshows from TV history:

Limitless Win continues next Saturday at 8:30pm on ITV.

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