An Australian MP who is opposed to making same-sex marriage legal claims she has been 'bullied' and her property 'vandalised' after members of her own party chalked a rainbow onto the pavement outside her office.

Madeleine Ogilvie represents the Labour Party in the Tasmanian Assembly. Despite her party's line, which is in favour of legalising same-sex marriage, she has voted against marriage equality on more than one occasion.

After a recent vote, several Labour campaigners went to her office and drew a large rainbow on the ground outside.

Ogilvie was outraged by the symbolic gesture. Taking to Facebook, she wrote:

Tactics of intimidation, property damage and bullying on social media, by people who ought to know better, are completely unacceptable.

The recent attack on my office was an appalling and unjustifiable act of aggression. This sort of behaviour just turns people away from Labour.

Labour member and state secretary of the Health and Community Services Union Tim Jacobson, who took part in the protest, responded:

Maddie you know that the [Australian Labour Party] state conference has a binding vote on marriage equality ... you are a state ALP member and are bound by the decision.

I thought the action was an appropriate non-violent response to your blatant breach of party policy.

H/T: Pink News

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