Ashley Graham responds to 'rude' Hugh Grant interview with her mama's advice

Ashley Graham responds to 'rude' Hugh Grant interview with her mama's advice
Hugh Grant gives awkward red carpet interview at 2023 Oscars

Ashley Graham is clearly a pro when it comes to dealing with difficult or rude people, and it’s apparently thanks to her mother’s advice.

The supermodel was praised for her patience and resilience faced with an obstinate Hugh Grant during an Oscars night interview.

Graham asked the British star all the standard awards-night questions – “What are you most excited to see tonight? Who are you wearing? – but he fobbed her off with curt replies and seemed totally disinterested in speaking to her.

She refused to stoop to his level, however, and remained upbeat and smiley throughout their brief exchange.

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Inevitably, a video of the encounter went viral online and Graham was later asked whether she took “offence” to his brusque approach.

Shrugging off the whole affair, she told a TMZphotographer on Monday: “You know what, my mama told me to kill people with kindness, so there you go.”

The model was quizzed on the incident as she arrived at LAX airport yet, she still mustered up the energy and good manners to answer the photographer’s questions.

Although, she remained tight-lipped when he asked whether she had “a message for Hugh”.

The journalist praised her for doing a “great job,” adding that, given his line of work, he understood the predicament she’d faced.

“You always want the engagement but it’s not up to you,” he pointed out.

Ashley Graham Reacts to Hugh Grant Interview, 'Kill 'Em with Kindness' | TMZwww.youtube.com

Remaining all smiles, she answered one final question before disappearing through airport security – had she had a good time at the Oscars despite her very public rebuff?

She replied: “I had so much fun, my feet hurt though.”

All we can say is, better to have your feet hurt than your public image, eh Hugh?

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