This dying woman wants to find her husband a new love


In 2015 author Amy Krouse Rosenthal went to Accident and Emergency with stomach pains, thought to be the unwelcome symptom of appendicitis.

It wasn’t anything to do with her intestines. It was ovarian cancer.

Rosenthal decided to write a dating app profile – very 21st century – for her husband Jason, penning it in the New York Times.

We dare your eyes to remain dry after reading.

After the diagnosis, Rosenthal was forced to bench a number of ventures – an application for a fellowship, a tour of Asia with her mother. Instead she adopted a new plan: to be.

And for the future? She wants people to know about her husband, Jason Brian Rosenthal.

He is an easy man to fall in love with. I did it in one day.

The product of a blind date, the two have been married for 26 years, and Rosenthal – who fell in love with him by the end of their date – hopes you'll fall too.

She begins with the basics: his height and weight, “five-foot-ten and 160 pounds”, his dress sense “sharp”, his music taste “live” and his hobbies “I love his artwork”.

But then she also spoke about his thoughtful nature, like showing up to their first pregnancy with a bunch of flowers. And surprising Rosenthal every morning with a smiley face made out of kitchen utensils or fruits.

I want more time with Jason. I want more time with my children. I want more time sipping martinis at the Green Mill Jazz Club on Thursday nights. But that is not going to happen. I probably have only a few days left being a person on this planet. So why I am doing this?

She concludes the piece with hope that the “right person” reads the paean to her husband, and “another love story” can begin.

You can read the entire article here.

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