Azealia Banks attacks Troye Sivan with unprovoked homophobic rant after complimenting her

Azealia Banks attacks Troye Sivan with unprovoked homophobic rant after complimenting her
Azealia Banks Slams Troye Sivan in Homophobic Rant
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Azealia Banks has hit out at Troye Sivan in a homophobic rant on social media, all because Sivan complimented her song ‘212’.

Sivan was speaking as part of an interview with Spotify when he was asked what his go-to “pre game banger” was, and he said he was a fan of Banks’s 2012 hit.

It seemed like Sivan was paying a harmless compliment to the track, but Banks didn’t respond as you might have expected.

Instead, she hit out at Sivan and said he didn’t have a “clue” about her experiences in the music industry.

“This is these white kids’ weird way of apologizing for bandwagoning. Having no clue of the kind of shit happening to me behind the scenes in the industry,” she wrote.

Banks wasn’t finished there either, writing: “I’m not impressed by any of these people (who I’ve never met in person nor had a conversation with me) not having the audacity to be as public and loud with their apology as they were with using their platform to cast judgment as if a singular me was an important social justice issue.

“I would REALLY appreciate all of these f*ckin civilian ass bitches to stop mentioning me, stop dancing to my s**t in the club if you’re not going to treat me like a human and take back all the unfounded bullshit you all used ur platforms to perpetuate.”

It’s far from the first time Banks has faced criticism after going on a rant on social media, but the slamming of Sivan seemingly came out of knowhere.

Things really took a turn when she called him a “peadophile”, too.

“And your a late condescending expired Twink anyway b**ch. We’ve been past 212,” Banks said in another post.

“Trying ur hardest to old on to the f*cking weak ass pedophilia x incest aesthetic - perpetuating that underlying double standard that somehow pedophilia practicedamongst men is somehow okay… that fueled ur trash ass music in the first place.”

She went on to say: “Give it up, puberty hit that ass and made u a doofy looking young man.”

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