US government body promotes climate skeptic article, Bernie Sanders has super sassy comeback
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If sassy socialists are your game, then Sanders is your name.

Former presidental candidate Bernie Sanders called out a US governmental body on Thursday for retweeting a misleading article on climate change, published on a website linked to the incoming administration of president-elect Donald Trump.

The House Committee on Science, Space and Technology retweeted this post:

The article on Breitbart, whose former CEO is Steve Bannon is now Trump’s chief strategist, used an academic report to argue that we can now all relax, because recent global warming was just El Nino (a weather phenomenon unrelated to climate change).

Breitbart’s article said the report hadn’t been mentioned among the ‘world’s alarmist community’ and the ‘mainstream media’, asserting that this is because:

An unusually strong El Nino drove temperatures to sufficiently high levels to revive the alarmist narrative.

It wrote:

The last three years may eventually come to be seen as the final death rattle of the global warming scare.

It also wrote:

The lefties get their climate information from unreliable fake news sites like Buzzfeed.

In an ironic move, Brietbart got their article from the ever-reliable Daily Mail, which gave a completely misleading interpretation of the report.

Climate change is, in fact, still a scientific consensus - and this paper has not changed that.

Luckily, Sanders was there to point out the stupidity of it all:

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