Bernie Sanders provided the best commentary on the debate

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The third and final US presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took place Wednesday night, and once again it was an insult-laden bilious grief pit.

There were a few upsides among Trump's attempts to destabilise a democracy and his accusations that Clinton (who played a large role in the Iran nuclear deal) could start a nuclear conflict with Russia, including his accidental endorsement of her.

Bernie Sanders must have been watching the debate, thinking he at least offered Clinton a decent battle of discourse and erudite counterpoints, rather than, well, this:

Prior to the debate his Twitter account was in scintillating form, flawlessly pivoting a Paul Ryan insult-cum-warning into a fundraising pitch for the Democratic party:

His personal account and his campaign account continued to berate the GOP candidate and his party alike, with a series of withering putdowns:

Post debate polls declared Hillary Clinton the winner for the third time in a row, and 51 per cent of Republican viewers said that both candidates should accept the result of the election - something Trump staggeringly refused to do.

Maybe it's because he's feeling the Bern?

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