BoB is raising money to send satellites into space to prove the earth is flat

Frazer Harrison/ Staff

Over 2,000 years ago, the Greek philosopher Aristotle had the rather revolutionary notion that the planet was circular.

In his book On the Heavens, he wrote:

Again, our observations of the stars make it evident, not only that the Earth is circular, but also that it is a circle of no great size. For quite a small change of position to south or north causes a manifest alteration of the horizon.

Since then we've sent satellites, cameras and people into orbit around our planet - and despite the overwhelming evidence they have returned proving Aristotle's theory correct, there are still those who believe the Earth is flat.

Flat Earthers across the globe are convinced there's a conspiracy of information control.

One of them even makes some pretty catchy music.

Rapper B.o.B - who is responsible for hit single Airplanes - is raising money to send satellites into space to help 'find the curve'.

Presumably, he both mistrusts the hundreds of existing satellites already in orbit and misunderstands how an 'orbit' works.

Twitter user Tim Pastoor gave B.o.B. - aka Bobby Simmons Jr. - the idea.

To be fair, the quest is kind of like a science experiment, if B.o.B. accepts the results.

The search for the Earth's edge might take a while though - In 4 days, he has managed to raise $596 - that's quite far off his $200k goal.

B.o.B has taken to social media to share his flat Earth theories before.

He has even used his musical talents to promoting the conspiracy with his track Flatline.

If you want to understand the gravity of the situation, watch the project launch here:

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