Bodybuilder pictured in meme about slapping mums has the best response

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bodybuilderWhen you think of a body builder, do you think of someone big, strong and, er, rather scary? Well if you do, prepare to have your preconceptions smashed.

When this colossal bodybuilder Søren Falby discovered that his picture had been used in a meme with some captions that he really didn't agree with, he responded in the best possible way.

The meme in question showed the 33-year-old topless 'Danish Giant', muscles bulging, beard bristling, and tattoos on point, with the caption:

He slaps your mom, what you doing?

The implication of the meme was obviously that if someone that looks like Falby slapped your mum, how would you react? Would you take him on? Or would you just sort of run away with your arms waving in the air?

However, it seems that Falby - the owner of a fitness and personal training business, didn't create the meme, and was very keen to set the record straight that he really wasn't a fan of its message.

According to Bored Panda, when he came across it posted on Facebook, he commented:

I’m not gonna slap anyone’s mom.. I love my mom to death and she would kill me if I ever slapped a woman. A picture of me and my mom.

He also included a laughing emoji, a heart emoji, and a cute photograph of him and his mum sharing a hug.

In December 2017, Falby shared the same photograph of him and his mum to celebrate her birthday to his Instagram account. Alongside the photograph, he included the caption:

My mom has been my rock my whole life, This is the person who made me the man I am today… This is without a doubt the one person who had the most influence on my life.

I wish you all could meet my mom. She is the most wonderful person in the world and I love her so much.

Alongside a number of photographs of himself with his girlfriend Malene Sarsen, he also posts numerous pictures of himself chilling out with his dogs. In one, he showed his funny side by posting a photograph of himself dressed in one of Larsen's stripy dresses.

Yesterday, he noticed that the meme was going viral again, and took the opportunity to hammer home his anti violence agenda. Taking to Instagram, he wrote:

Okay guys..... my picture is obviously gone viral and being postet [sic] everywhere and I'm glad that one of the pictures is with my response to the memes, but the original memes is f***t up and I hate that my picture is getting used to that kind of bull s***... so let me make It perfectly clear.

I'm not going to slap anyone's mom, girlfriend, unkle [sic], grandmother or any other of your family member.... thank you.

Falby, we salute you!

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