Boris Johnson was chased through Davos for a solid minute by Sky News reporter

Sky News reporter follows Boris Johnson through Davos in awkward exchange

An opportunity to speak with Boris Johnson turned into a minute-long chase for a Sky News reporter at the World Economic Forum.

In Davos, Switzerland, the former UK Prime Minister made an appearance Thursday morning to speak about the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict.

His appearance led to questions from the press who pointed out that the current PM, Rishi Sunak did not appear at Davos.

The World Economic Forum, also known as Davos, is an annual event where political leaders, business leaders, investors, celebrities, and more gather to discuss ongoing global issues.

Davos is often criticized for its elitism.

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So one Sky News reporter decided to press Johnson about the reason behind his appearance.

"Mr Johnson, Mr Johnson, why are you here in Davos?" Reporter Ed Conway asked.

The former PM walked through the building, keeping his back to Conway.

He replied, "You would have just heard it."

But Conway was not satisfied and pressed Johnson more, asking for further clarification on why he was in Davos.

The Sky News reporter continued to pepper Johnson with other questions like, "should Rishi Sunak be here?" "[Do] these forums matter in terms of global awareness for Ukraine?" and "Why is it important to be here in Davos?"

Johnson continued to walk away, up multiple flights of stairs, while telling Conway to reference his forum from earlier for answers.

But the former PM's continual silence about his reasoning for attending Davos seemed to raise more eyebrows than earlier.

Some have speculated Johnson is preparing for some kind of political comeback after he stepped down as Prime Minister in July last year following a series of scandals, including Partygate.

During his forum, Johnson urged western countries to continue supporting Ukraine in their fight against Russia by providing weapons.

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