A map of all the countries that Boris Johnson has offended


This morning on the Andrew Marr show, foreign secretary Boris Johnson was questioned as to his latest gaffe after he insulted Italians over Prosecco.

Last month Carlo Calenda, Italy's economic development minister, toldBloomberg that a conversation with Boris had gone poorly:

His idea is, 'We want to have access to the common market without giving you access in terms of free circulation of people,' and I think this is wishful thinking.

His answer was, 'OK, but you are selling a lot of what we call Prosecco in the UK... and you will allow us to do this because you don't want to lose Prosecco exports.'

I said, 'Maybe we're going to lose some Prosecco; you're going to lose some fish and chips exports. The difference is I'm going to lose [exports] to one country, you to 27.'

Putting things on this level is a bit insulting.

At the time, a Foreign Office spokesperson said:

The foreign secretary's comments reflect the strength of the trading relationship between the UK and Italy.

We're looking to ensure this continues as we depart the EU.

When asked about this latest gaffe on The Marr Show this morning, Boris Johnson said:

If you take things absolutely literally there are very few leaders or parts of the world I haven't offended at some point.

In line with his comments to the Italians, we've updated our map that very much supports his point:

Picture:Picture: Carto/indy100

Boris Johnson. Diplomat.

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