Boy saves sister’s life after watching a John Cena prank show

Boy saves sister’s life after watching a John Cena prank show

A toddler’s life was saved by her big brother who learnt CPR from a John Cenaprank video.

20-month-old Leila Dempsey began choking on a chicken nugget while she and her older brother Jaxson were ferried home in the car by their dad Matt Dempsey in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

As Matt was driving, Jaxson had to step up to the plate.

“It made me feel scared because I thought she was going to die, but then this thing came into the back of my mind. I told my dad to pull over then I started to pat her back.” Jaxson said to WYOU, a local CBS station.

Jaxson pushed his sister forward, and thumped her on the back in between the shoulder blades with his palm, freeing the food from her throat in 30 seconds flat.

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Despite being over the moon about Jaxson’s swift response to the emergency, they were confused as to where he learnt both CPR and the Heimlich manoeuvre.

After a quick investigation, they discovered he had picked it up from pro wrestler turned actor John Cena, who once featured on an episode of The Substitute, a Nickelodeon prank show where celebrities pretend to be supply teachers.

Kristen Nielsen, the children’s mother, believes he last saw the clip a year ago but took it to memory.

Jaxson believes all children ought to have the life-saving skill set.

“So if you have a little sister and she’s choking, their parents should teach them how to pat them on the back. And watch the very first episode of the “The Substitute

He got a procession of over a dozen firetrucks flashing their lights outside his and his family’s home on Wednesday.

John Cena was directly reached out for comment but he did not reply, however Nickelodeon “is so proud of Jaxson and his heroic actions, and we are honoured to be a part of such a remarkable story of good news and courage.”

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