Boy wins solid gold Prime bottle worth a staggering £400k from KSI and Logan Paul

Boy wins solid gold Prime bottle worth a staggering £400k from KSI and Logan Paul
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A young boy has won a solid gold Prime bottle worth an incredible $400k after successfully entering a competition held by KSI and Logan Paul.

The young lad won after successfully guessing the code to a special locked bottle of the drink in London.

It comes after KSI and Paul launched a giveaway for one of two gold bars that had been crafted into the shape of their energy drink – one in London and one in New York.

Announcing the competition on Instagram, the pair said: "The golden Prime will be encased in bulletproof glass.

"To get to it you must correctly guess a six-digit code. Each person only has one guess and only 20 seconds to make that guess.”

They added: "If the code is not guessed correctly within 48 hours, the torches inside the case will ignite.

"And the gold prime bottle will be incinerated completely - worth absolutely nothing.”

They also explained that the items had been made by the former NASA engineer Mark Rober”.

The competition was launched to mark the sale of one billion Prime bottles across the world, as the pair celebrated the remarkable success of the energy drink.

Thousands tried across both locations, but it was a young load in a Pinewood FC shirt that managed to guess the right code.

The winning moment saw him type in the right numbers, setting off the confetti and smiling as he held the prize.

The other prize in New York was subsequently melted down, ensuring there was only one winner.

The pair then released a statement, saying: "We do everything BIG. Since we created PRIME, we’ve made our own blueprint when it came to marketing, scaling, and building the brand.

"In a short period of time, we’ve become the fastest-growing beverage company in history, selling our one-billionth bottle in just year two,” they added.

"We’re confident our fans will be pleasantly surprised when they visit our celebratory Gold Stores and see what a unique experience our team has built."

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