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Being invited to someone's wedding is a big deal. They literally want you to be part of one of the biggest and happiest days of their lives.

Before the wedding, though comes the stag or hen do, or as they call them in the US, bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Some brides-to-be even host bridal showers where the guests give presents to the woman that will help them in the early stages of her marriage.

Most people would presume that if you end up going to that event, which is often a lot more expensive than a single wedding day, then surely you'll get invited to the big day? Right?

Well, apparently not. That's what happened to one Reddit user when she found out that her friend had invited her to a bachelorette party but no wedding invite was in the post to her.

After she found this out she took to Reddit, to ask if she was being an a**hole if she called her friend out for leaving her off the invite list.

Many people agreed that this was a completely ignorant thing for the bride to have done and that she should have invited her friend.

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