Bizarre conspiracy suggests Disney star Bridgit Mendler is a time traveller

Bizarre conspiracy suggests Disney star Bridgit Mendler is a time traveller
Ex-Disney Star Bridgit Mendler Launches A Satellite Data Startup
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Imagine being so successful and having such a varied life and career that people assume you must be a time traveller as it’s physically impossible to achieve so much in one lifetime.

That’s exactly the situation that Bridgit Mendler finds herself in.

Mindler is best known for being an actress in Disney projects, but she has accomplished a whole lot at the age of just 31.

First off, she appeared in Disney Channel hits like Wizards of Waverly Place and Lemonade Mouth when she was a child actress, before appearing in Nashville and Merry Happy Whatever just a few years ago.

After her early forays into film and TV, she also became a singer and released an album that charted in the top 100 in the US, called Hello My Name Is….

That’s a career worth celebrating in its own right, but Mendler has gone on to achieve so much since then.

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Mendler focused her attention away from the screen and stage by achieving a Ph.D from MIT and a JD from Harvard Law, which is a staggering achievement.

Not finished there, it’s recently been announced that she’s launched a startup company

This week it was announced that she is now officially the CEO of a startup company called Northwood Space which reportedly “aims to create satellite ground stations that are designed with mass production and customer flexibility first in mind”.

It’s one of the most incredible career stories we’ve ever seen, and Mendler announced that she'd adopted a four-year-old boy, writing on Twitter/X: "The other news I wanted to share is I’m a mama to a sweet 4yo boy. Started fostering in 2021 adopted near Christmas of 2022. I’m so lucky — being a parent is the biggest gift and most defining experience there is."

Now, this amazing story has inspired some TikTokers to get a little conspiratorial.

TikToker @jcubedhax has shared her thoughts on the whole thing, posting a bizarre theory that Mendler is in fact the first time traveller living among us.

The TikToker points to the jokey bio that Mendler had on Twitter before it was updated, which featured the word "time travel?" along with "actress" and "space enthusiast".


I need ppl to give more evidence I think this theory has legs #bridgitmendler #timetravel #greenscreen

It’s racked up more than 6.5m views and 820,000 likes, and sparked a lot of reaction in the comments.

A user joked: “Bridgit Mendler. BM. Bime Machine. It's right there folks.”

“Dr. Bridget Mendler for President,” another said, while one commented: “I can’t tell if this is satire or not.”

“i love the idea that the first person to invent a time machine would use it to star on a disney show because their acting career is flopping,” one said.

“I agree! Bc with those credentials there’s no way we are on the same time scale as her. Like how can one accomplish all of that?!” a user said.

We're sure you'll take it with a pinch of salt, but when a career is as varied as this, it's perhaps no surprise that it's got people speculating.

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