Bryan Cranston does something amazing when he goes to the airport

Bryan Cranston does something amazing when he goes to the airport
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Just when you thought Bryan Cranston couldn't be a better human, he goes and does something generous and sweet, all while in an airport.

When one is at the airport, one is rarely at one's best. You're tired, you're hungry, you're suppressing latent racial profiling and white guilt, you're anxious about missing your flight.

For Breaking Bad and award winning actor Bryan Cranston, the airport is an opportunity for an act of generosity.

On Thursday, Cranston's antics were shown by Kate de Ban and her friend Matthew Turner. De Ban wrote on Facebook:

So I saw a man writing in the front of a book in WHSmiths. A bit hunched over, leaning on a table display, he looked kind of familiar but under a baseball cap... and I thought, that's cool, someone has obviously recognised him and he's signing a book for them. But then I watched as he went over to the wall of books and I couldn't see what happened there were more displays in the way. When he got back up and turned he caught my eye and smiled. So after he left I went over to see what was what and found this. Talk about cool. Right time and right place for a proper treat. Thank you Bryan Cranston for making my day.


Turner later tweeted images of the inside cover of Cranston's book A Life in Parts.

Cranston's book, paid for, contained this message from the author:

Thank you for checking out my book. I bought this copy for you. Seriously. It's yours for free. Keep the receipt. Hope you enjoy the book and have a nice day. Bryan Cranston.

The actor dated his note, Oct 27 2016 11.50 AM Heathrow Airport UK.

This was not the first time that Cranston's generosity had struck.

On Oct 19, Twitter user @makennakean22 tweeted a photo of another book cover message and free book from Heisenberg.

Speaking to BBC 5 Livelast week, Cranston revealed that these were not hoaxes or forged signatures. The story was completely true.

I do it several times, I do it every time I go to the airport. Any airport I'm in. I kind of sneak in, keep my head down, I buy the book, and then I keep the receipt, and on the receipt I just put a little 'Open me'

Cue fans racing to their nearest airport to search the shelves for Cranston autographed copies of A Life in Parts.

Also on BBC Radio 1 he read aloud Little Mix lyrics and it was incredible.

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