Conspiracy theorists roasted for claiming Princess Diana has been reincarnated as a member of BTS

BTS celebrate Jungkook's birthday with boxing video

The internet is awash with bizarre and quite frankly hilarious conspiracy theories, but a relatively new one suggesting that a member of the Korean boyband BTS is the reincarnation of Princess Diana has to take the cake.

The idea first cropped up in April 2021 when Twitter user @blkerbangtan provided “evidence” that Jungkook from BTS is Princess Diana reincarnated, including the fact that their birthdays are one day apart and they both “flirt” with the camera.

They believed that Jungkook is on his second life, opposing the view of another BTS fan who believes it is Jungkook’s first life based on his innocent reaction to things.

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth, the conspiracy has reemerged again with more Twitter threads and TikTok videos claiming to show more evidence that it’s true.

In one TikTok that has been viewed more than 3.5 million times, the user pointed to the fact that their birthdays are close together and that the two apparently both had scars in the same place on their face as proof.


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Another Twitter thread added they were both born in the Ox Chinese year suggesting they have royalty in their past life. They also claimed that Princess Diana once almost set a palace on fire due to a microwave incident and Jungkook is allegedly afraid of microwaves.

Unspruringsly, the conspiracy sparked a lot of mockery and disbelief from other internet users.

On TikTok one person wrote: “Stop Gen Z has gone too far one again.”

Another mocked: “They were both sleeping???? must be the same person.”

Over on Twitter, someone else said: “As if... lol. You must be out of your mind.”

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