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A Burger King customer in Indonesia came under fire on Twitter this week for questioning whether the fast-food giant's hiring of disabled employees was just a publicity stunt.

The branch in question added signage indicating that some of their employees are deaf, so the ordering process would now include different steps. Taking to Twitter with a picture of a Burger King employee and the new signage, Lucas AKA @chillisauceabc asked:

Negative attitudes towards disabilities in Indonesia are extremely common, withFair Observerreporting that a study carried out by the University of Indonesia discovered those with disabilities in the country only have a 64.9 per cent chance of getting a job.

The fast-food company and many others were quick to clap back to the cynical remarks with many Twitter users branding the customer ableist and reminding him that the hiring of disabled employees is an equal right and not a marketing ploy.

The original tweet received over 1,000 comments with many calling him out for his proposition:

Burger King Indonesia's own Twitter account also jumped in promptly to shut down the claim, even thanking @chillisauceabc for the shout-out in the process:

The now-viral tweet from Burger King Indonesia's account has been retweeted over 600,000 times and received over 200,000 likes, with many commenters applauding the fast-food restaurant's approach.

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