Cardi B thinks she's being haunted by a ghost who fancies her

Cardi B thinks she's being haunted by a ghost who fancies her
Cardi B is learning not to fight back on social media now …
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Cardi B has revealed that she believes her Los Angeles house is haunted by a ghost who wants to "f***" her.

The rapper detailed her paranormal encounter on Instagram Live where she noted how the ghost seemingly appears when her husband Offset isn't in the house.

"I start hearing like a fly sound, right?" Cardi B said in the video, recalling what she experiences when she believes the ghost to be in her presence.

“Bro, I haven't been able to find the f***ing fly, I started hearing this sound in the hallway.

“It sounds like somebody's on the phone."

Clearly spooked by the noise, the Bongos rapper asked her security guard to investigate the sound - only for the noise to stop when he appeared.

"B****, tell me how the sound is gone? It's gone out of nowhere," she said.

Cardi B recalled the paranormal moments she has had in her Los Angeles mansion and believes she knows the ghost's motive.Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for MTV

"All I'm saying to you is that there's a f***ing ghost or spirit in this f***ing house."

"When I'm alone, it always wanna f*** with me," she added, believing this to be the reason why it only appears when she's alone.

"Mind you, when I be in the house in Atlanta or New York, there's nothing."

"I'm so disoriented because I'm so alone in this house with this f***ing ghost that clearly wants to f*** me because he only comes around when I'm here and by myself.”

“I’m f***ing over it,” she concluded.

Now an episode of Ghost Hunting with Cardi B would be epic.

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