Channing Tatum's penis injury sounds horrifying

Channing Tatum is currently promoting his new film, Magic Mike XXL.

Along the way, we have learnt that his penis is nicknamed called Gilbert and that he severely burned it while working on a film called The Eagle in the Scottish highlands in 2010.

Speaking to Howard Stern about the incident, Tatum explained it used to get so cold during filming that men on set would pour hot water down their trousers to warm up (yes, we also think this sounds like a bad idea). Tatum was injured when a crew member handed him some water but forgot to warn him that it was still scalding hot.

I started hyperventilating, screaming... You know when you burn your finger and it just keeps burning. It kept burning for like the next 20 to 30 minutes. I was having a complete panic attack.

The worst part? As he got into the ambulance a song happened to be playing on the radio: Kings of Leon's Sex on Fire. "The driver was like 'maybe we should change this'," Tatum said.

The actor explained his genitals were left "shrivelled", adding: "I didn't have skin on my penis". But Tatum's injuries healed quickly, with the actor saying he was "good almost a week later" when his wife went to visit him.

That might explain why Tatum found it easy to forgive the crew member who handed him the scalding water - after he gave the actor some "super nice" whisky, of course.

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