Charli XCX begs fans to stop shouting 'disturbing' chant about Taylor Swift at her shows

Charli XCX begs fans to stop shouting 'disturbing' chant about Taylor Swift at her shows
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Singer Charli XCX has issued a plea to her fans to stop shouting Taylor Swift chants at her shows because it “disturbs” her.

The performer recently dropped her latest album brat and the record has been met with strong praise from fans and critics, becoming the highest-rated album of 2024 so far.

But, the singer has been forced to have a word with some of her fans after she was alerted to the fact a small minority were shouting “Taylor [Swift] is dead” at recent shows in Brazil.

On X/Twitter, one fan sent her a message. They explained: “Hey @charli_xcx, your Brazilian fans have been showing toxic behaviour by screaming ‘Taylor is dead!’ in your concerts and events related to you.

“Could you do something about it? We don’t believe that’s what music should be about.”

They shared clips allegedly taken at Charli XCX shows in Sao Paulo, where fans could be heard shouting “A Taylor Morreu” which means “Taylor is dead” in Portuguese.

Posting on her Instagram stories, Charli XCX called out the fans who were shouting the chant and asked for them to stop doing it.

She wrote: “Can the people who do this please stop. Online or at my shows. It is the opposite of what I want and it disturbs me that anyone would think there is room for this in this community. I will not tolerate it.”

The singer was praised for calling out bad behaviour of her fans and many suggested they want more artists to do it.

“Normalise calling out your fans’ toxic behaviour,” one person argued.

Someone else wrote: “You heard her!”

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