Charli XCX's brat is the highest-rated album of 2024 so far on Metacritic

Charli XCX's brat is the highest-rated album of 2024 so far on Metacritic
Charli XCX has added three new songs to her latest album Brat
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Charli XCX dropped her latest album brat last week (June 7) and it has been receiving rave reviews.

Ahead of the release, the 31-year-old shared the album cover art which quickly became a meme as it was a simple design consisting of a low-res image of the word “brat” in the centre with a lime green background.

She also dropped two singles 'Von Dutch' and '360', the music video for the latter starred the hottest 'it'-girls from popular culture such as Julia Fox, Gabbriette (who both get a shoutout in the song), along with Richie Shazam, Rachel Sennott and Chloe Cherry.

Charli joins the group at a restaurant where they "fulfill the prophecy of finding a new hot internet girl," and ultimately chose their waiter.

Plus there are further cameos from Chloë Sevigny, Hari Nef, Emma Chamberlain and Quen Blackwell, and Alex Consani.

Since the album dropped, brat has received a score of 95 on Metacritic (which assigns scores to reviews to provide a weighted average) and is listed as the number-one album release of 2024.

The Independent's Helen Brown gave the album four stars, describing it as a "hedonistic, ultraviolet collection of songs whose thumping – slightly disorienting – club beats more than succeed in their aim of 'capturing a feeling of chaos.'"

"‘BRAT’ unfolds as an unmistakable representation of her very core; an exhilarating ode to the multiple facets of club culture that have formed the foundations for everything Charli has become over the best part of two decades," DIY Magazine's Ben Tripple commented in his five-star review.

While The Guardian's Laura Snapes also gave brat a five-star rating and wrote: "But whatever the stats and her self-esteem might say, it’s hard to think of another pop star whose vision is so expansive and generous, not least in her willingness to risk being seen as mean in order to say something true."

The album itself has 15 songs, and a deluxe version of the album titled Brat and it's the same but there's three more songs so it's not was released on June 10.

Fans of Charli have been reacting to album's success on social media.

However, others felt that Beyoncé's album Cowboy Carterwhich was released back in March and scored 91 on Metacritic, deserved the top spot instead.

Meanwhile, other new releases this year that appear on the list include Billie Eilish's HIT ME HARD AND SOFT which sits at number eight with a score of 89, Ariana Grande's Eternal Sunshine is number 45 with a score of 84, and Taylor Swift's The Tortured Poets Departmentis number 118, with a score of 76.

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