Two pictures that show how far Charlie Brooker has come

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On Sunday Charlie Brooker won two Emmys, and fans everywhere are extremely pleased for him.

Brooker won Best Writer for a Limited Series or Movie for theepisode San Junipero, which features in his tech dystopia Black Mirror, and a second award forOutstanding Television Movie - which Black Mirror also claimed.

Fans online marvelled at how far the man who filmed reviews from his living room had come.

Brooker, who once told interviewers he failed his film degree when he tried to submit a dissertation about video games.

The writer worked on amazing programmes such as Brass Eye and Nathan Barley, before getting his own review show Screenwipe.

His on air rants, reviews, and video essays appealed in part because of the ramshackle aesthetic of the show.

Instead of being a glossy, bequiffed annoyance in a rented suit like many presenters, Brooker recorded reviews from his sitting room, illuminated only by the glow of the screen in front of him. He was a manifestation of the gamer culture from which he had harked, and the keyboard warriors lurking on most film sites.

And he was funny. Seriously funny.

(Warning: Strong language and NSFW - but still funny)

Newswipe, 2010 Wipe, How TV Ruined Your Life, followed, uncovering TV production hacks, the formulaic nature of broadcast news, and unearthing some of the weirdest TV out there.

Then came the dramas Deadset and Black Mirror, which landed Brooker the Emmy on Sunday.

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